Orthotics Can Relieve Some Foot, Leg And Back Pain

Orthotics can relieve some foot, leg and back pain Foot problems often causes pain in other parts of the body such as the knees and back. Orthotics provides support and balance while relieving pain and correcting foot movement. They are fitted to each patient individually to provide maximum support for the foot and leg.

Podiatrists take a plaster model of the patient’s foot and make the orthotics to fit the person’s foot by using the plaster mold.

Rigid orthotic devices are often made from plastic and sometimes include straps that extend to the lower leg. The purpose of these is to decrease pain in the legs or lower back created by a foot malfunction.

Soft orthotics are made to improve balance and relieve pressure on the feet. They are primarily used for arthritis and diabetes and are made of soft movable material. Semi-rigid orthotics are often used for athletes to improve balance while running.

Orthotics are not a cure-all for foot and associated pain, but they can be a very effective treatment for many people.

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